COMING SOON! A new series of British chamber music, mostly never previously recorded.

To be released early 2018:

MPR101  Idyll - The English Flute Unheard  (for Solo Flute with Piano)  with James Dutton (Flute) and Oliver Davies (Piano)* Includes hugely enjoyable previously unrecorded works by Stanley Bate, Norman Demuth, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Sir Georges Henschel, Robin Milford, Alfred Pratt, Cyril Rootham, Richard Walthew and  John White - all composers who studied or taught at the Royal College of Music).  STOP PRESS!!!! IMPR101 IDYLL AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE FROM Weds 21/02/18 !!!!

MPR102 Parry - The Complete Music for String Quartet with the Archaeus Quartet*(A world premiere recording which includes all three of Parry's String Quartets and the Scherzo in C Major, completed by Professor Jeremy Dibble) STOP PRESS!!!! IMPR1012 Parry - The Complete Music for String Quartet NOW AVAILABLE

To be released May 2018:

Arnold Cooke - The Complete Music for Solo Violin - mostly so far unrecorded (Violin Sonatas 1 & 2, Sonata for Solo Violin and Duo for Violin and Viola) -with members of the Pleyel Ensemble: Benedict Holland (Violin), Susie Mészáros (Viola) and Harvey Davies (Piano)**

Leonard Salzedo - String Quartets nos. 1, 5 & 10 with the Archaeus Quartet (another first recording)*

In the pipeline -

Arnold Cooke - Piano Trio, Piano Quartet and Piano Quintet with the Pleyel Ensemble**

All world premier recordings!

*    Recording Engineer: Tony Faulkner

**  Recording Engineer: David Coyle